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Terms & Conditions


1. Yearly twice free stay have to be given to Vow team from Vow partnered hotels.

2. Power supply and main area place to be given by Vow partners to place VOW advertising boards.

3. No payment will be processed from Vow for last minute cancellation or post checkin time cancellation for Room Booking categories.

4. For cancellations such as group bookings,day outings, just walkin, 50% of package amount will be paid back by VOW

5. Should not Call or send SMS to customers by Hotel staffs or by management inside hotel other than any emergency situations ( to avoid customer conversation for direct Booking ).

6. We will put penalize the hotel into X time charges , if anyone go for customer conversion.

7. Vow will not encourage any tie ups or OTA untill the agreement validity.

8. Agreement period is 6 years . 1st year Monthly Maintenance charges Free. 2nd years onwards everymonth 999 /- + G.S.T chargable.

9. If any VOw partners need to cancell their partnership with Vow, have to give written or mail notice in prior. Also have to pay maintenance charges for the rest of agreement years.

10. Owners are supposed not to hold a rooms more than 3 days continuously unless any valid reasons.

11. Have to give proper and prior valid reasons for holding the room.

12. If any malpractice found under background verification of property within the agreement period ,such as holding rooms unwantedly, not giving proper services etc..VOW will cancell and end up all the privileges given to Vow partners, and same partners have to settle maintenance fee as one time settlement calculated till the agreement completion period.

13. Promotions of properties is chargeable, same as mentioned in vow application.